Joel On The Farm

Paula and Joel went to the farm in Weald with Joel's Godparents, Richard & Sal (Richard's family have been farmers for many years in the village) to see the animals and have a ride in a real tractor. Joel is just a little bit obsessed with tractors and 'scoops'. As well as riding the tractor and seeing the animals, Joel also watched the cows being milked which was very exciting for him.

Thank you so much Richard, Sal, Josh & Issac for taking Joel to the farm and for lending Joel so many toys whilst he's in the UK. You are such STARS!

Hope you all enjoy the photos below...
Joel shifting grain under the watchful eye of Sal
Soon have this grain shifted

Smile for the camera - Joel can't take his eyes of the tractor! Joel is with Sal, Isaac & Frederick, Sal's father in law.
Cor', look at that tractor!

Wow! I'm sat inside a real tractor! Joel's face is priceless. That's Richard hiding in the middle.
Wow! I'm sat in a real tractor!


  1. Fantastic to have our precious Godson in the UK for a bit (ohh, Paula too!!!). Joel's "word of the moment" at the farm was "huge" - as in "huge" tractor, "huge" Chopper, "huge" cow, "huge" pile of grain ... and ... of course "huge" cow poo!


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