Spiloxene Capensis

Recently we posted a photo of a stunning flower but didn't know the name of it. Well we now know that its proper name is 'Spiloxene Capensis' also known as the 'Painted Peacock Flower', it is classified as a weed (remarkable!) but we think it has to be one of the most beautiful weeds on the planet.

We found the following information to accompany the above picture:
"Spectacular & rare in cultivation, this native of the South African Cape is easily grown! The flowers are big, 3.5” to 4” across & are bright white or yellow, usually with a large, iridescent, blue-black center. To 12” tall, each stalk bears a single flower. The older the plant, the more flowering stalks & if happy, it will reseed, too. Bloom season is Feb. - April. And like most Cape bulbs, no Summer water after it finishes blooming. Growth & watering begin again in Fall. Deciduous."

Courtesy of Annie's Annuals

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  1. Wow, that is beautiful! But I guess there are a lot of beautiful "weeds". Maybe one person's weed is another person's bouquet. :)

    Great picture!


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