Dean was in CNP early this morning (Monday) to take Vissy to the Dr's but unfortunately she didn't want to go (that is so annoying when you get out of bed an hour early!) but whilst he was talking to her, he heard that the lady across the street had just died. Anna Bop had been seriously ill for a while and Paula had visited a number of times. On Friday afternoon Dean took her some food and spoke to her partner about getting to the clinic. Apparently they had been and Anna was waiting for test results before being referred to the hospital, sadly she never made it.

Anna's partner is also quite sick (we don't know his name), please pray that he will get his results and be referred to the local hospital in time for treatment.

On Friday afternoons we have a SCAS Team come into Chris Nissen to play sports with the kids and to share the gospel in a relevant and exciting way. The team are all South African's and are cross cultural so have a good understanding of the needs and can speak a number of local languages between them. The kids love the attention in CNP and respond brilliantly to the input in their lives.

Hope you enjoy the photos below:
Dancing with the kids


Andrea (Aunty Bovey) feeds the dogs and cats in CNP 3 or 4 times a week. Without her the dogs would be in a really bad way.

Jacque playing guitar, Jacque is Dina's youngest brother in law.
Slow hand


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