Paula and Joel spent the weekend in Wimbledon and stayed with Susan overnight. Paula had a great time chatting and catching up with Susan and then enjoyed meeting up with some old friends on Sunday after church. Joel really enjoyed church as the children stayed in for the whole worship time (here the kids go out after about 10 minutes) and then when he went to creche the 2&3 year olds had their own teaching time, so he thrived.

Joel and Ethan attempting to start a new rock band. Joel loves guitars and would have been in paradise having a proper one to play with. Joel & Ethan used to spend quite a bit of time together as Paula & Rhoda (Ethan's mum) are good friends.

Joel in Susan's garden, this is such a good and safe garden for kids.
Where shall I kick it to?

Joel being pushed along by Susan, the mutual adoration between Joel and Susan is brilliant and Joel definitely recognised Susan and remembered the house.
This is so much easier than pedalling

Joel lounging around in bed at Susan's. Joel was really relaxed at Susan's and really enjoyed being back there.

Jen & Trinity with Irene. Jen (& Scott) used to lead our cell in Wimbledon, Irene (& Geoff) was also part of the cell. Paula really enjoyed catching up with many of our friends from church in Wimbledon.
Jen & Irene with baby Trinity


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