Photos Of Zim Friends

Below is a selection of photographs taken over the weekend at the NFI leaders conference in Bloemfontein.

The photos are of friends from Zimbabwe whom we haven't seen since our departure in 2003. Some of these friends are still faithfully plugging away in Zimbabwe and a few have moved to Jo'burg to be a part of a new church plant there called God First.

We hope you enjoy the photos.

Sibs & Rumbi. Sibs is the lead elder at Mount Pleasant Community Church. Rumbi is expecting their first child

Gordon, Ange & Amy. We did the 'Preperation for Parenting' class together and got to know each other there. Gord's & Ange are faithfully serving God in Zim despite the pressures. Amy is so sweet!

Dave & Jane West. Dave serves Sibs on the eldership team at Mount Pleasant. Dave & Jane are simply an amazing couple with huge hearts and incredibly generous!

Clyde. Clyde is a Dr in Zim and is part of the Mt. Pleasant church. What a man of God he is.


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