Getting Ready

Forgive our lack of communication since our last Blog, life has been hectic and will continue to be so until Monday when we set off on a 5 -6 hour drive for two weeks by the beach. That's Monday, before then we've got so much to do.

Last weekend we had Joel's birthday party at a little indoor play centre. Joel had about 8 friends there and they all had a ball. It was great too for the parents as we could sit and chat over coffee whilst the kids ran themselves ragged in a totally safe environment. We'll be back there again!

Paula's cell started again this week and so she's had quite a bit to do planning for the new term and making sure others were able to cover her absence for 2 weeks. As ever, Paula is incredibly organised and things are shaping up well for the cell.

Dean has been really struggling trying to get books from UNISA in Pretoria. He eventually got one book on Wed and another should arrive tomorrow (Fri). In the meantime he's been downloading copious amounts of info from all manner of related websites. Thankfully it's possible to download entire books and journals from certain websites so that's been a blessing for him. Also, church recently got a 'broadband' connection (not UK standard!) which has been really useful for downloading 10mb books etc.

As we said at the beginning, we're off on Monday for 2 weeks in Plettenburg Bay towards the end of the Garden Route. We're really looking forward to having two weeks by the sea (Indian ocean) and Joel should have a ball. We plan to chill as much as possible whilst giving Joel a really good time. Please pray for us as we enjoy this break, we're both ready for it and can't wait.

We'll post some photos when we get back.


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