Bible Study Outing

Dean had a good morning with his Bible Study group, he and John (an FYP) took them to the local shopping mall for coffee and muffins. Unfortunately it was simply too cold to go to the beach (we won't get too much sympathy from you we know) as it had been raining overnight and was still overcast this morning. Patrick is struggling with the cold due to the lack of circulation in his leg which is looking very serious now. Dean will be taking Patrick to the Dr's again on Friday afternoon. Michael was amazed by the mall having never been there before, he loved gazing into the shop windows to see what they were selling.

Last night we both went to the CNP cell group (we agreed it was better than our regular group!) and will join them again for their end of term social next week. Dean has attended before but Paula was pleasantly surprised by the groups commitment and desire to spend time studying, praying and worshipping. How we long for those attributes in our regular cell group.

Dean met with some ladies from church this morning as they plan to launch a new day cell in CNP. Their vision and aims are excellent and we plan to coordinate their group with the two existing groups to avoid folk hopping from one group to the other. Please pray for these groups, they do excellent work and serve such clear roles for the community.


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