Getting Ready

This past week has been really hectic as we prepare to drive to Bloemfontein for the NFI Africa leaders conference. We've been quite stressed about the childcare arrangements or lack of them and after much discussion and negotiation have decided to leave Joel behind with some good friends. This is better in many ways as he won't have to endure the 10 hour drive (Bloem is just over 1000km's) and we'll be able to attend all the sessions without having to worry about him. Sadly however, we will miss his 2nd birthday on Saturday and needless to say feel quite gutted about this and just a little guilty! We'll have to make it up to him when we return on Monday.

Dean attended a meeting today about the setting up of a non-clinical voluntary HIV testing and counseling centre. This is an exciting proposition for the Helderberg community and could prove to be an excellent resource. As ever, the set up is hampered by financial restrictions and most churches are already heavily committed financially to other projects etc. Please pray for this project (and for local funding which is a must) that it would get off the ground and run effectively.


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