Under The Weather

Today we said 'farewell' to Nick, Julia & Becca as they returned to the UK having spent two weeks with us here in Somerset West. It's always a privilege to host folk form home but even more so when we are able to introduce them to CNP and the people there. Nick & Julia were able to spend some quality time with various residents of the community and we know this was a blessing to them. Thanks for coming Guys, we really appreciate you taking time out to be with us and to spend time with our friends in CNP!

Joel has had a really bad bout of tonsillitis and had an allergic reaction to the anti-biotic which set him back. Thankfully we got a different drug and he's bounced right back. Unfortunately, Dean appears to have gone down with the same illness! Oh well!

Today was just over 35degrees and tomorrow is due to be just as hot, so we hope you're all enjoying the ice in Blighty.


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