School Awards

Today we had the privilege of attending the boys' school awards ceremony, held at the Somerset West library.

It was a great time and we were very proud of our boys!

Eli's class teacher commended Eli for "Never backing down or saying no to a challenge". She has certainly got the measure of our boy!

Joel got an extra certificate for his "Diligence and hard work in guitar". In fact Joel's guitar teacher has been so impressed with his progress this year that he has been invited to play to the old folks on Friday when the school choir go to entertain them.

Regardless of what awards or prizes they did or didn't receive we're tremendously proud of our boys! They've both overcome some major challenges this year and have done themselves and us proud.

Joel and Eli are our pride and joy!

A determined Eli about to receive his certificate

A very proud boy!

Eli's class with their awards

The primary school choir

Mrs Austin the school principal gave out the awards

Joel receiving his class certificate

Back again for his production certificate

Joel's very very proud of his music certificate for his guitar work!

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  1. Bravo Joel! Bravo Eli! You are both stars as I see things, wonderful!!


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