This week one of our members exhorted us in Home Group to not despise the little things in life and to sow graciously and with a grateful heart no matter how small we think our seed is because God blesses and rewards our small acts of faith.

The group of ladies who meet together on a Thursday morning to chat, pray and read the Bible have been earnestly saving up R20 each in the last few weeks to put towards going out for breakfast at the Spur – a little pre-Christmas social and treat. The day dawned today and we arrived feeling very excited at the prospect of our usual fun and fellowship but this time over coffee and breakfast! As each lady slipped their R20 to me as the breakfast began you could tell that this was sacrificially done and I admit to feeling a bit emotional about it.

Ten minutes later I noticed that the man sat in the booth in front of us kept turning round and staring at me; for a minute I wondered if I was supposed to know him and I racked my brains wondering and getting nowhere. A few moments later he stood up, came to our table and apologised for disturbing us before saying that he felt God telling him that he must pay for our breakfasts, was that alright! Well, we immediately said yes and he went to sit down again. Little could he know just how much he had blessed us!!!

Just before he left a little while later he came back again and thanked US for the blessing. As we left later on the waitress came to ask me what had happened there and did we know the man and I had an opportunity to witness to her and explain to her about God's goodness and blessing.

Wow, thank you Lord, we are blessed beyond measure! 

Now the 'fighting' begins about who is going to testify to that incident on Sunday!!


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