Bell's Palsy

I thought I might be having a mild stroke this morning but on googling "am i having a stroke?" and reading around the symptoms it became clear that I wasn't so off I went with my plans for the morning. As time went by I realised that something was definitely wrong as my mouth felt like I was recovering from an injection at the dentist and my right eye was blinking slowly as it felt like it was compensating for my left eye being lazy. Throw in a bit of a numb tongue and it all adds up to a rather unpleasant feeling.

After lunch Paula dropped me off at the local chemist to see the resident nurse who checked my blood pressure, pulse and cholesterol and found all were raised. She recommended I see our GP so after a quick phone call it was off to see our amazing Dr.

Dr Joanna quickly diagnosed Bell's Palsy. Thankfully I seem to have quite a mild dose of it, I can still raise my eyebrow and close my eye.

Please pray for healing and that it won't deteriorate.

This is not fun but at least I'm in good company with the likes of George Clooney who also had this once. Hey, maybe my looks will improve afterwards too?! I'm off to bed now as I'm exhausted and the beauty sleep won't hurt.


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