Settling In

We've been very busy over the last few days sorting out furniture for the house. In the midst of this our freight arrived Praise God!! so we're feeling very homely right now. Joel has been really excited to see so many of his toys as well as other familiar items from 'home'. He became very excited when he saw his swing in the front garden and now trying to get out without him seeing it is quite a trick! The house feels good and we're looking forward to hosting our first visitors on Friday evening (Dean's new boss). 

We went to the Church family night last night and were formally introduced to the congregation. We felt truly honoured by the church and they made quite a big thing about our willingness to come and serve them as a church. This was so refreshing as most places we've been we've been so taken for granted, but that's the life we've chosen so we can't complain. We felt God was honoured last night and we hope and pray that we will be a blessing to the church here and as such we will honour God and the call he has placed on our lives.

Joel seems to be coping amazingly and is constantly being mobbed by complete strangers who seem to fall in love with him instantly. Needless to say Joel is learning to milk the attention - good on him!

Lots of love

Dean & Paula


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