The Holiday Is Over

Dean starts work properly tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd) at 8.30 so today was our last day of 'holiday' (although we've been racing around getting the house sorted and a few other things!).  We took Joel out for tea tonight and really enjoyed himself.  He ate some of Dad's potato wedges followed by Mum's ice cream as well as polishing off his own tea!  This afternoon Joel and Paula went for a walk with a friend who has a 3 year old and needless to say Joel wanted to be doing all that he saw his friend doing.  His not walking is definitely frustrating him now!  Please pray that he would soon start to walk, it would transform his life.

On Saturday we went to see the penguins at Simonstown.  Again Joel really enjoyed this and even copied us as we waddled like penguins.  Then on Sunday after church we went to Helderberg Nature Reserve where he saw Steenbok antelope.  He was almost beside himself when we got really close and he was desperate to touch them, however they were equally desperate not to be touched and duly disappeared!

In the midst of the stress of sorting out visas the house & car etc we've had some great fun and Joel appears to have coped amazingly well which we know is a direct answer to many prayers.

We're now looking forward to doing what God lead us here to do and seeing how family life settles into a regular working routine.  Onwards and upwards!

Lots of love

Dean & Paula


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