We are settling in well and are very pleased with our little house.  The rain has arrived -only a month late- and is persistent so it is a bit depressing.  I think we'll be swimming out of our front door this afternoon!  Dean started work this week, so is slowly starting to develop a strategy.  It is frustrating at first, particularly as the main woman he was hoping to 'use' and work with has now got full-time work, so isn't around to help and Dean doesn't have any Afrikaans!  Lots of prayer needed.  We went to a cell group last night which was great (it felt so good to know that cells were happening all over the world on a Wednesday night!).  All very nice and friendly people, so hopefully we'll start to make friends there. 

I have been to coffee with a woman yesterday in her most incredible house - complete with paddock, horses, swimming pool, orchard etc.etc!!  I am also going to meet with a small group of women and their pre-school kids this afternoon.  They meet informally once a week in different houses.  I've also joined the gym and put Joel in creche there, so slowly slowly I am starting to meet people and develop a social life for us both.  I also met a woman with 2 children at a coffee shop cum play area in the week and got chatting.  So, I may well take Joel to a little play group as a result of that meeting - good non- Christian contact there too!  I really want to mix my involvement with the coloured community too, but I know that this will take time, so am just trying to meet as many people as I can at the moment

Well look after yourselves.

Lots of love and missing you<

Paula, Dean and Joel


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