What A Week

Winter hit with a vengeance with the North West wind battering everything around.  A few times this week we thought our roof was going to take off.  The saddest part of this is that Cape Town has experienced severe flooding with the 'informal settlements' (squatter camps) suffering the brunt of it.  Many people have been washed out of their shacks.  On Sunday we were supposed to welcome some new members but a number of folk were unable to be there as their homes were destroyed by the floods.  Please pray for these families as they try and piece together the little they had to start with.

Today (Mon 9th) is a public holiday so we've had a great family day together.  This afternoon we went to see a couple of 'old dears' who have been doing some voluntary work in Chris Nissen with the community.  We had a great time discussing strategies and possibilities so we look forward to seeing that all develop.

Tomorrow Dean has his first proper meeting with the community leaders of Chris Nissen and he is keen to hear from the community as to how they feel Dean can best serve their needs.  The trick will be conveying clearly that he does not have a magic wand but he does have 3 years in which to try and achieve something!  We'll see.

Please pray for Dean as he begins to coordinate HCC's involvement within the CNP community.

Pray too for those living in the 'informal settlements' as they rebuild after the devastating floods.

Pray for more rain but in measured doses for the farmers.

Lots of love

Dean & Paula


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