Winter Has Arrived!

Well winter is truly here with a vengance.  The winds in the last few days have been quite frightening (as well as keeping Paula awake at night).  The rain is almost non-stop and many places are flooded.  Summer shouldn't be too far away now - we hope!

The big news is that our visas have been approved until 2007 so it's good to know we're legally here!  Dean will drive to Paarl to get the passports stamped in the next few days.

Work is going well for Dean as he slowly establishes who is who and what's what.  He plans to take the lead role in co-ordinating the church's input into Chris Nissen Park as well as liaise with other local churches to avoid duplication.  Early signs are very encouraging and most people appear to want to work in partnership which is a blessing.

We're gradually establishing a life for ourselves.  Paula already seems quite busy with a variety of groups for Joel as well as taking time out to meet non-christian mums whom she can reach out to.  Dean has been invited to go mountain biking on Tuesday afternoon on a farm in Stellenbosch, you never know they may stop by a winery!!

Joel is doing well, he's starting to 'cruise' around the furniture a little and we're doing all we can to encourage him.  He's been teething a lot lately and has quite a gob full of teeth to show off.  Dean rather stupidly put a finger in to see how many he had and got bitten for his efforts - won't be doing that again!

Hope you're all well

Lots of love

Dean & Paula


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