August Marches On

Well August is drawing to a close and at last it feels as if the weather might be warming up a touch, certainly the last few nights have been better and the last 3 days have been glorious!  Winter here is definitely a little odd!  It appears that the North-Westerly wind blows in over the mountains and brings the cold and rain for 3 or 4 days and then the wind turns to the Southeast and brings warmth and sunshine for 2 or 3 days and so it goes on.  At least we know that every few days it will be good.

Family life is good, Joel appears to be well settled and is establishing himself in a few groups and has a decent social circle, he even lets Paula join in.  We're amazed at his appetite at the moment, just when we think he's fit to burst, he scoffs a bit more food (definitely his father's son!).  One thing we hadn't bargained for here is the fuss being made by some people in relation to Joel not walking.  We've even had an offer of taking him to see a paediatrician.  However, we feel that this is unwarranted as he happily cruises around the coffee table and has been weightbearing on his legs for a year now.  Please pray that he would walk sooner rather than later, his life would be transformed by walking.

Dean's work is starting to take some shape and there appears to be agreement amongst the various church members that they need someone (ie; Dean) to coordinate the church's efforts into Chris Nissen Park.  The community definitely want that.  Dean has also made some good contacts with other local churches and will be meeting with them all in the next few weeks to coordinate between them so as to avoid duplication of work.  Also, Dina (a key community leader) has changed her hours so she now works for the ANC in the mornings and is available to help Dean in the afternoons, this is will be a real help in terms of getting to meet the right people in the right way.  However, Dean has realised that without Afrikaans it will be very difficult to establish any meaningful relationships with most of the residents in CNP and as such we are trying to sort out some language lessons.  This is a HUGE prayer need!!

We'll write again soon.

Love to you all

Dean & Paula


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