Fun & Laughter

We had a lovely family day today - one of those days that you wonder how it could have been so happy when nothing particularly significant was planned!  We went to church as usual in the morning and Joel had a great morning in creche.  He then slept for over 2 hours after a huge lunch - great for his parents!!  In the afternoon we went for a walk and came back past a proper skate boarding and bike ramp area. 

We stopped to watch the youngsters 'doing their stuff' and Joel just thought it was hysterical, especially when they fell off.  We hadn't heard him belly laughing like that for a long time, it was a real scream.  I don't think it did much for the 12 year old's street cred though to be laughed at by a 17 month old baby!!  That night when we put Joel to bed he was still laughing away to himself for about 10 minutes.  We also had a couple of milestones today: Joel walked 5 steps behind his toddle truck unaided and he stood up for the first time in the bath.  I'm not sure who was more surprised!

Lots of love

D & P


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