We've missed a huge chunk of what happened in our final few days in the UK but this should bring you up to date with what's happened since...

We're safe and well and finally settling into our home here in South Africa.  Our first week has been quite stressful, however, we have now completed our dealings with immigration and now have to wait 30 days for our visas.  It only took 4 visits (an hour each way), 1 desperate call to Crosslinks (Brilliant as always!!) and endless form filling! but we appear to have jumped through each hoop successfully.

We've also sorted our freight, the ship docked on Thursday night and today we heard that we have customs clearance so should get it all on Monday.  We've also purchased a car! A Mark 1 Golf which is only 5 years old as they still make them over here.  In the midst of doing all of this we've also moved into our house (Dean had to shift a lot of furniture to do it).  So all in all a productive week.

Joel settled well after the flight, he was teething on the flight so it was a bit of a nightmare.  However since moving into our home he has settled really well.  Our next door neighbours have a 3 year old and an 8 month old baby so he should have some good friends there.  We are so thankful for prayers for Joel, he has been so tolerant and forgiving of being dragged around and not being played with as much as normal.  Hopefully this coming week will be better for him.

We arrived in a drought but that seems to have been broken today, we've never seen such black clouds and as for the wind!  Forget the hurricane of '87 in the UK, this was far stronger (although Dean & Joel managed to sleep through it!).  People seem genuinely happy to see the rain, it's only we Brits who are disappointed!

Cheers for now

Dean & Paula


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