Prayer Request

We're planning to do quite a big outreach next Friday and Saturday as we have another celebration meeting in Macassar on Sunday morning with our friends from Mitchell's Plain and Simon's Town.

We have a few events planned, one of which will be to pamper ladies in the community by doing their nails, hair and make-up whilst serving them with coffee and a muffin.
As you can see from the forecast it's predicted to rain quite heavily over the weekend and we really need good weather for the Friday and Saturday so would ask you to pray for good weather, especially that the rain would stay away until after lunchtime on the Saturday.


  1. Prayers from Michigan for a great turn out and for those raindrops to stay away, however, if the rains must come, show the community *your* rainbow! :)

  2. You have my prayers for good weather and abundant spirit! We can hope for the first part and be assured of the latter. God bless you!

  3. Thanks guys, the prayers are working.


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