Hair Pulling!

I'm no techno geek when it comes to computers but equally I'm not afraid of stripping one down and having a tinker. After all, if I do mess it up I'll only be saving the computer the time and trouble of messing itself up.

Anyway, I've successfully wasted an entire morning tinkering with one of our computers trying to get it working again. My first diagnosis lead me to believe that the graphics card wasn't working properly. This seemed logical as the LED on the screen keeps flashing amber to green. However upon stripping it down, cleaning it and testing the fan on it, all seems to be OK.

Next I checked the hard drive was still OK by hooking it up to my laptop and guess what the lights all come on and everything on the HDD is perfectly accessible.

So now I'm stumped!

Now I have that sinking feeling that's going to involve getting the credit card out. Ouch!

The cleaned up graphics card reinstalled

The HDD merrily humming away

So, just to recap, what a waste of a morning!


  1. Good on you for having a go, ours went belly up a few weks ago, off to the shop it went and they fixed it for us, but it still left my husband hours of work to do to get it back to how we had it orginally! I know nothing about them! Stopping by on my A to Z Road trip


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