Firstly, thank you to all of you that were praying for the weather on our outreach a couple of weeks ago, the weather turned out great despite the forecast and we are truly thankful to God for this!

It has indeed been a couple of weeks since the outreach and the reason it has taken so long to blog about it is that many of us are still blown away by the whole thing!

As a church our motto is "Come with us and we will treat you well" from Numbers 10:29. In our experience over the years churches are often great at hurting people and poor on loving and caring for folk and we as a church are making a commitment to treat people well. We are totally committed to letting people belong to us, then to believe and leaving the behaving part to the Holy Spirit. After all, correcting sinful behaviour is NOT the role of the pastor's wife!

So on Saturday two weeks ago we sent some of our folk out onto the streets of Macassar inviting people to our Celebration meeting the next day and also targeting ladies out shopping, giving them a ticket for a free pampering.

Some our women had setup camp in a school classroom and were offering manicures, make-up and hair treatments whilst serving fresh coffee and scrumptious cupcakes. The buzz in the classroom was amazing as the room was packed with ladies being blessed and having a lot of fun.

Later in the morning most of the guys who had been handing out invites returned to the classroom with a ton of chips to make chip rolls for everyone. Great stuff!

We were so grateful to our friends from Love & Grace in Mitchell's Plain and Simon's Bay Christian Church in Simon's Town for joining in and blessing us with so much too.

We were able to offer so many different treatments thanks to our skilled ladies

The buzz was great

"Next please"

A great way to minister to folk in the community

A lot of fun was had by all!

Shaddie doing what's left of Graham's hair. Shaddie leads Simon's Bay Christian Church and Graham leads Love & Grace.


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