The Helderberg on fire once again!

This one started a few days ago and the fire crews have been battling to get it under control for a while. Sadly, despite using helicopters to water bomb it they don't seem to be winning. Thankfully the wind has dropped a bit which should help. The mountain is largely obscured by the smoke during the day and the air is thick with the smell of it.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    It's been ages since we've been in touch. Good to know that you're all well and looking great. We're on top form here in Auckland. Drop us an email with your phone number or skype (rogershakes). Would love to talk and catch up. Missing you all so much.


  2. Hey Dean!
    Just thought you might like to know, i searched google for 'fire helderberg' and your blog was the second result! thats quite impressive! haha.


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