Garage Worship

This morning was a bit of a different gathering as we were unable to meet in the community hall due to the voter registration taking place. Despite having booked the hall two months in advance and paid for it!

Regardless, Daniel and Mervin did a great job of rallying the troops and making sure as many members as possible knew that we would meet in Davey's garage instead.

I often feel that many churches, especially the bigger ones have lost their edge and are no longer able to adapt quickly to situations beyond their control. We had to adapt quickly this morning and had a great meeting in which there was (as ever) a real desire to meet with God. Somehow when things are stripped back to basics, they feel so much more authentic and this morning was a great example of that. This is what we love so much about Grace Community Church.

Daniel leading worship in his Dad's garage

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  1. This is great to read about and a real reminder of what ekkelsia means... about the people, as WE are church and not the building.

    The wind of the Holy Spirit blew and there you found yourself in the midst of such worship and praise.

    God if very good indeed. God bless you all!


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