The Lighter Side

We're Back!

We've just had a wonderful couple of weeks in Sedgefield, chilling out with the boys and re-acquanting ourselves with each other, brilliant! The weather was OK, we managed 4 days on the beach and were only housebound on one day due to really heavy rains.

We had a lot of fun doing all sorts of stuff. Joel discovered pizza and can't get enough of it. He also discovered Tom & Jerry and giggles himself silly watching it.

Eli learnt to pull himelf up into the standing position and within a few minutes of having done so he started cruising around the furniture. Oh dear!

Both boys seemed to thrive on having so much uninterrupted attention and we really enjoyed them, they bring so much pleasure into our lives!

Whilst away we celebrated 15 years of marriage and tonight we're ditching the boys and going out for a slap up meal.

Hope you enjoy the photos below...we'll post some serious ones over the next few days.

Bummer! Just what we'd gone to the beach to do

Have you any idea just how inconvenient it is to have to leave the Jack Daniels and AK47 in the car?


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