New School Year

The new school year starts today for our boys and they're both looking very grown up in their formal white shirts.

They were both really excited about returning to school and catching up with their friends. Both boys have got great teachers again this year so we're really excited to see how they are going to fly again in the year.

Joel is now in Year 4 which is quite a step up for him. Things become a lot more formal from now which should be good for him. Joel will also join the junior school camp for the first time this year, which will involve three nights away from home. The parents are very excited about this!

Eli is in Year 2 with a teacher he had for the 2nd half of his reception year, hopefully the previous relationship with the teacher will stand him in good stead for a great year.

We are very excited for them both as we know their teachers and they are good. The school has a great ethos and the things it does well it does very very well so 2012 should be a great year for them both.


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