Tree Of Life Planted!

What an amazing privilege to be a part of the start of tree of Life church in Macassar this morning!

Thank you Lord!

The sense of expectation was high as we planted from Love & Grace into Macassar and the spirit was certainly with us this morning. Now we're really excited to see how this is going to grow as we seek to serve and extend the kingdom of God in Macassar and beyond.

It wasn't a polished performance, far from it which is great as that's not what church is about anyway. Also, it's not a numbers game though we would just say that the classroom turned out to be too small. Hallelujah! The important thing is that as a group of people committed to this church plant we're excited about the things we see God doing in us and through us and we just know that this work will continue to grow in Macassar and beyond.

We planted out with a clear word about being the leaves of the tree of life for the healing of the nations and in particular for Macassar, a broken community that desperately needs healing. It's going to be a great adventure with God as we seek to serve him and the community with a view to honouring his word over us.

The vibe as a whole in Macassar High was also quite amazing as there were a total of 13 churches meeting in various classrooms and halls. It felt like revival had come to Macassar.

Worshipping the living God in a cramped classroom, there's no place we'd rather be!

Chadlee took on the kids work and we're really grateful for this!

Shaddie came with a few folk from Simon's Bay Christian Church to bless us and it was such an encouragement to have them with us!

Shaddie brought a great word for the church and it was a blessing to benefit from his wisdom and experience as we closed the meeting.

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  1. I really love the simplicity of the worship service. Great church name too!


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