Church Under Attack

Dear All
We need to ask you to pray for Minton and his wife.  Minton is the church caretaker and a very quiet & gentle man.  However on Tuesday he was arrested for murder together with his wife, Womisile.  Needless to say the whole church was stunned!
Over the weekend a dispute took place in a Shebeen in Nomzano which left a young man called Malibongwe dead.  The community then sought the perpetrator and murdered him next to Malibongwe.  This is a growing problem in the townships as the communities do not trust the police.  It transpires that Malibongwe is Minton's 'son' (culturally) and somehow it has been alleged that Minton and Womisile have committed the murder.  However they say they were in bed at the time of it.
Minton and Womisile have been in the police cells since Tuesday and have been interrogated several times.  This presents difficulties as Mrs Minton is Xhosa speaking and doesn't speak Afrikaans or English and the local police only speak Afrikaans and English.
We don't know the full facts and certainly don't wish to pre-judge them but we do want to ask for justice to prevail and for whoever did commit the murder to confess, please pray to this end.
The church does generally feel that as God is beginning to stir the church and wake it up so we are under attack.  A few weeks ago four church members were visiting folk in Nomzano when they were shot at in an attempted hijacking.  Thankfully no one was injured, however that was purely down to the grace of God!  Even the police said it was a miracle no one had been killed.
Please pray for Minton & Womisile, for justice to be done.
Also please pray for the church as we stand for Jesus in these communities.
Lots of love
D, P & J


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