Joel's Day Out

We took Joel to the Cape Town Aquarium on Saturday and he really enjoyed himself.  The highlights for him were being able to stand against the tanks and watch the fish, sharks and seals come right up to his face.  The seals were particularly impressive with their acrobatics and Joel just giggled the whole time.  Afterwards we had lunch at the Aquarium restaurant and there were 3 seals on the quay immediately below us, needless to say Joel was enthralled.

After lunch we wandered around the Waterfront and then shared a muffin (Joel having the lion share!) before heading home.  On the way home we took a sightly longer route home to allow Joel to sleep, so we went to see if there were any whales in the bay.  Sadly no whale spotting was to be had.  Regardless we had a really good day and Joel was exhausted at the end of it. In the evening we had friends around for drinks which rounded the day off nicely.

The weather is gorgeous at the moment, the daytime temp is up to 26ºC and night times are down to 16ºC with little or no wind.  Sadly this is not really seasonal and water shortages are now inevitable with restrictions scheduled for the 1st October.  More rain would be great, so please pray for this.

Today we've just had a low key day slobbing around the house which is lovely.

We hope you're well

Dean & Paula


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