This morning in church we had the privilege of hearing Paul Reid from Northern Ireland speak. He and his wife Pricilla are currently in SA. Paul was excellent and spoke about 'getting out of the boat' as Peter did when Jesus walked on water. This was really challenging and at the end when Paul asked to pray for those feeling challenged by his sermon, over 90% of the church stood up!

After the service Aletta from CNP told me that Ooma Betty gave her life to Jesus on Friday afternoon!!! Praise God! Also, Dina wants to speak to Paula about Sandra, it appears that things may have taken a positive turn. Please continue to pray for this relationship and for Sandra to be saved.

We had a young couple round for dinner after church (tasted good they did) and had a really nice afternoon chilling and chatting and this evening Paula went to the evening service and enjoyed hearing Pricilla Reid preaching on the Parable of the Sower. By all accounts an excellent evening (Dean looked after Joel and watched a classically bad Bruce Willis film).

Hope your all well

Dean & Paula


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