Where was God in the Tsunami?

We've just heard that the latest death toll for the tsunami is now 280,000 and rising.  We've also heard many questioning the where's why's and how's of God and his role in the tsunami.  We  believe that the creator God needs no defending and we have no intention of defending him.  However, we would like to offer some thoughts to those that would ask the questions; how could a loving God allow the tsunami to kill so many? or where was God whilst the tsunami was killing thousands.

However, let us make it clear that this is a personal perspective based on our faith in God.

If we are to question the presence of God within the tsunami then we must be consistent in our questioning of God's presence in other situations.  The tsunami was an amazingly powerful wonder of nature, sadly it was destructive, nevertheless, it was a powerful wonder of nature.  However, those that ask such negative questions tend only to do so when negative events occur.  After all, why question things that are going well or carry on without impacting our lives?    To question God's presence or role within this wonder of nature means we have to do the same of other wonders of nature.  We must question God's presence and role in Victoria Falls, the miracle of birth, the Grand Canyon and creation itself.  It is simply not acceptable to question God and accuse him in the negatives but to ignore him in and around the positives.

God knew about the tsunami before it happened, as it happened and after it had happened, he was not asleep but rather he was in it and around it.  God did not set the tsunami off as some form of punishment, nor did he deliberately wipe out so many people.  Rather, God created a planet which is self contained and self reliant and within his creation (nature) there are forces which act within the planet, some negative some positive.  Again, we can not suddenly accuse and question God in the negatives and ignore him ion the positives, that is too simplistic and hypocritical.

God is a loving caring father to those that seek after him, to those that do not seek after him he remains a distant and elusive God.  Jesus told his followers that; "In this world you will have trouble." John 16 v33  Even for the Christian there is no promise of an easy life!  However, Jesus went on to say: "But take heart! I have overcome the world."

What an AWESOME God we serve!


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