Busy as ever

This week has been a great week so far, not least because Joel has decided that standing unaided is actually a good thing and something he wants to do!  We're rejoicing that he is making such major moves towards walking, and he certainly appears to be happy.  Joel had his second day at nursery today and again he appears to be thriving on it, however he was so hyped up that he didn't have his lunchtime sleep so mum & dad are feeling a little frazzled!
This afternoon we went to a braai with another English couple who are getting involved in a variety of social action projects and it looks like we may be able to develop some positive links and share resources which would be great.
Dean visited the Hand Over Heart sewing project this morning and had a meeting with the organisers.  As a result of this he will be going to Khayelitsha with them next Tuesday to see how they can adopt and adapt a local curriculum into their own project.  Several ladies from CNP attend the sewing project and the aim is to see the equipped to run their own micro businesses.
We've attached two photographs to this post (either above or below).  The photos are of Michael in his front garden -looking replete in his Palace shirt! and Mama Jane at her sewing machine in her house.  We hope you enjoy the photos and we plan to post more photos in the coming weeks and months.


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