Encouraging Weekend

Dean was invited by our neighbour Don to join him and three friends for an early morning prayer meeting. Dean really enjoyed meeting with a small group of men as this is something he is looking at starting in our church here. The only downside was that they met at 6.30 on Saturday morning, a bit of a shock for him!

After church this afternoon we joined another family for a picnic lunch in the Helderberg Nature Reserve. We had a great time and Joel was mothered by their two daughters. The highlight for him was the giant tortoise which fascinated him. See photograph.
Our week ahead looks like being a good one with our friends Nick & Julia coming out for two weeks, they arrive on Thursday and we're really looking forward to seeing them and their daughter Becca

Patrick was very tearful on Friday and wanting to leave CNP to stay with his sisters in the Eastern Cape. Thankfully he has now realised that that would not be a good move and he is feeling a lot more positive about remaining in CNP.


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