Today was the first full afternoon that the Frontier Year Project (FYP) were with Dean in Chris Nissen Park (CNP). Their main role on a Monday afternoon is to follow up on the children who attended Sunday school and to make contact with their families. We hope that this will build further bridges between the church and the community as well as encouraging the parent/s to come along to church. Please pray for this initiative as we believe this could be a real blessing to the church, the children and their families.

Dean had a good afternoon talking with Dina and then he visited two other church members. Sadly however, it is becoming clear that we have a real problem with jealousy amongst our church members and as you would expect this is very divisive. Please pray against jealousy for our church members. Jealousy tends to be a common trait amongst poorer communities and is exhibited less discretely than amongst wealthier folk. This is one of those sins "..that so easily entangles.." and we really need our folk in CNP to be salt & light in the community.

Apparently, two men came to church on Sunday due to the direct contact Dean has had with them, unfortunately Dean was serving tea & coffee after the service so didn't get to speak to them, but this is really encouraging and a further sign of God's grace on our ministry with the community. Praise God!

Most of the weekend for Dean was spent sorting out the new computer, trying to restore from backups and downloading stuff from the web. Whoever said that computers would help humans to be more productive and cut time wasting and unproductivity should be shot! Computers must be the singe biggest waste of time known to man!


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