Dean had a long two days in Pretoria on Thursday & Friday last week, he was at the induction for his MA. This our big news at the moment. Dean will be doing a Masters Degree in Social Behaviour and HIV/AIDS with UNISA, the course is over 2 years by distance learning. Needless to say Dean returned home quite stunned by how much work will be involved over the 2 years and the academic level at which he will have to work, but he feels that it is a challenge worth facing up to.

Dean will have to go to Pretoria at least twice more this year for a week at a time which will be a bit rough on Paula and Joel. However, as a family we feel that this is an investment in our future and so worth doing. On ihs return Dean managed to get onto the earlier flight so should have been home 2 hours earlier but eventually got his seat back on his original flight which left almost 2 hours late but arrive in Cape Town only 5 minutes after the earlier flight! Quite a stressful evening in the end!

Joel is struggling with a high temperature at the moment, he's been a bit under the weather for the last few days and his fever appeared last night with a temp of 39.4C. Thankfully he is taking on plenty of fluids and eating a little bit so we're keeping a very close eye on him.


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