Great Day

Dean had a great day in CNP today and spent a long time with Patrick and his family. The photo of him is with his grandson Eugene. Patrick was far more lucid that he has been for a long time and we all had a really good laugh together! Dina arrived towards the end and was telling us that 3rd Degree (local version of Panorama) are to interview her on Friday in relation to some missing money from the CNP trust. We were pulling her leg saying that they wanted to see where she parks her Mercedes, poor Dina she was quite concerned but laughed a lot!

We've also posted some photos of Nomza being baptised a week or so ago. Nomza is a regular at Paula's cell group and is a quality Christian! Nomza is our link for distributing food within CNP, we deliver food to her and she takes it to folk whom we know to be needy. This works really well as it avoids dependency and the inevitable 'scramble' around the back of the car if Dean delivers the food. Nomza is so faithful in doing this for us and we really praise God for her integrity!


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