Lots Of Illness

Patrick remains in hospital but is very confused and quite upset. He really wants to see his wife (Aunty Kuku) but she doesn't want to go to the hospital and is enjoying the break from him, which she really needs!

Lorraine was taken to hospital last night as her stomach had swollen dramatically.

Ben collapsed in CNP this afternoon, Dean wasn't there but thankfully another volunteer was and he's a Dr so was able to help. The ambulance was called and Ben is now in hospital, so Dean will see him tomorrow.

We currently have two volunteers with us for 3 weeks, they are Jonathon and Rachel from Nottingham and have both just qualified as Dr's. They're not engaged yet but are very serious and currently doing marriage preparation.

Yesterday Dean was able to ask Rachel to take a look at a CNP resident who has a lump in her breast and as a result the lady has arranged to visit the GP for further checks.

What a blessing to have two Dr's around even just for a few weeks!

Please pray for Patrick, Lorraine and Ben in hospital.

Also, give thanks to God as Christine was discharged yesterday and in now home in CNP.


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