Dean received a telephone call early this morning informing him that Michael's daughter -Michelle- had been raped and murdered. Unfortunately, Michael learnt of this from the news last night on E-TV. As the day progressed we gained more information and it transpires that Michelle was raped and murdered on the 1st May but the police say they were unable to locate any family so allowed the story to be broadcast in the hope of family coming forward. However, we also learnt from Michele's boyfriend that he approached the police soon after the incident and as such the police were fully aware of the family's whereabouts.

The truth is probably somewhere between those two versions.

Needless to say, Michael is really gutted, especially as Michelle had been raped and burnt a while ago. Dean spoke with the police inspector and was informed that Michael would have to identify the 'remains' of the body. That sounds really horrific, and for a parent to have to identify a child is really hard, without the added element of the body being incomplete. Please pray for Michael as he comes to terms with Michelle's death, pray for strength to deal with the practical issues and for grace as he has to identify the body and meet so many people in the course of the next few weeks as folk come to pay their respects.

Pray that the perpetrator/s of the crimes will be brought to justice and account for their actions.


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