Paula's Cell

Paula's mums and tots cell group grew even bigger last week as they have been joined by 3 pregnant girls, all in the last few weeks of their pregnancies. The girls are staying at the church pregnancy crisis centre and at the moment, all of their babies will be adopted out. Following the birth of their babies the girls have 60 days to decide whether or not to continue with their decision whilst their babies are being looked after by 'kanga mothers', so it is obviously quite a harrowing time for them.

Paula is thrilled that they have chosen to come along to the group and the ladies are enjoying the new company as well as praying for their salvation. Please do pray for more helpers to look after our children whilst we meet together. The volunteers are beginning to come to the end of their time with us and we urgently need more help. This is a crucial part of the cell ie: that mums can be free from their children for an hour whilst they are excellently cared for.


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