Joel is quite ill at the moment with another bout of bronchiolitis, the Dr gave him some drugs which have had a positive impact but he's coughing like mad and is really fed up with it.

We're both well and Dean is just about recovered from his bad back. He recently acquired a new mountain bike (see the piccy) and as he was getting used to the new seating position etc his back obviously stretched, no permanent damage but a bit sore for a few days.

As you can see from the photo (hopefully) Dean went mountain biking with a couple of friends at Delvera vineyard in Stellenbosch. They participated in an annual event called Dirtopia (www.dirtopia.co.za) and initially did the 7km trail on the farm. Rian decided he'd had enough after this so went home whilst Dean & John went on to do the 15km trail. This was a complete blast with the technical downhill section on single track making the long uphill sections more than worth the effort.

Once again Dean is enjoying being mobile on his bike and is again cycling into CNP. Part of his aim is to save a bit of money (fuel just went up again here last night!) but also to try and shed a bit of the Beirut.


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