Life In CNP

Below are some photos taken in the last few days in Chris Nissen Park, we hope you enjoy them. We feel that they give a taste of life in CNP and some of the issues people have to deal with on a daily basis. As you can see in the photos the sun is shining which has been a welcome break from the rain, Sunday was truly awful! As soon as the sun is out in winter we all pile outside to get warm! We know most of you don't believe us when we say it's cold here in winter, but this morning there was ice on my windscreen and I had to spend a few minutes scraping it off!

The thing about the cold here is that unlike the UK, we don't have any heating and the houses are built for summer so they're very cold in winter. The houses in CNP are even worse and that's part of the reason why so many guys fall ill. The other thing about winter here is the fluctuation in temperature, at night the temp' can dip as low as 1 or 2ºC but during the day the temp might be up to 20ºC, this makes it quite difficult to dress appropriately, also, you'll be sat shivering inside, but as soon as you go out it's really warm. This can be quite trying at times and definitely leads to a lot of people suffering from bad bouts of colds and Flu.


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