Below are some photos taken by Tim, one of our FYP volunteers, we hope you like them. The explanation with each photo is probably enough but we'll just fill in a little detail here.

Ouma Sophie is a relative newcomer to CNP but has made quite a mark on the community and on us. She lives in an appalling shack and pays rent for the dubious pleasure! Sophie is in an unhealthy relationship with a man half her age who is regularly getting drunk (at Sophie's expense) and is also known to be sexually active with other women, putting Sophie at huge risk. Please pray that she would be strong enough to do the right thing with regard to this relationship.

Paula went in to CNP early this morning to take Lorraine to hospital for an appointment, sadly however Lorraine was unable to go as she could not make appropriate childcare arrangements for her daughter. Lorraine is clearly a very responsible parent but is caught in a trap of not being able to afford any kind of childcare (other than goodwill from neighbours) but equally she can't afford to miss her hospital appointments. Lorraine told Paula that she was feeling well this morning, but the reality is that missing these appointments will only hasten the inevitable for her. Please pray for Lorraine, for strength and for support from the community to enable her to attend necessary appointments.

Dean has a whole set of Palace shirts ready to give to the CNP football team, known as Seven Leaves United (we'll let you work out the significance of the name!) and is made up primarily of the Rasta's in the community. Many thanks to Neil Witherow at the Palace Echo and the subscribers of CP FRIS for the shirts!

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