Quick Update

The last few weeks have been a bit of a strange time. CNP has been a bit of a frustration for Dean, particularly as Dina is not making herself available, we've not seen her for 3 weeks now. Dean has rung the ANC office but received no reply. Please pray for Dina as we know she was upset about the funeral arrangements for Michael's daughter and we think that her absence is related to this.

Patrick is struggling since his right leg was amputated just below the knee. He's fed up with lying in bed all day and his family are fed up with him, it really is a lose lose situation all round for them. Michael is getting on with life again after the funeral of his daughter. There was a lot of resentment in the community regarding the funeral arrangements as folk wanted it to be done in CNP but Michael was forced to hold it elsewhere as the funeral policy was paying. Sadly no-one in CNP appeared to understand this and he was seen as being a problem. Michael feels that he's learnt who his friends really are through this situation as just when he needed their support, many turned against him.

Winter has truly arrived, the weather is appalling at the moment with lots of rain and very strong NW winds pumping. We know that the rain is desperately needed and yet there is something about being British which prevents us from getting excited about it, how we long for the sunshine!

Dean's first MA deadline is fast approaching (16 June) so he's working hard and panicking in equal measure! We had no idea just how much work would be involved and the standard at which Dean would be required to work. It's really good for him to have such a challenge but it does throw up certain complications when trying to juggle the course with family life and full-time work and Dean is an expert juggler!

Joel has been unwell in the last 24 hours with very runny diarrhoea and some vomiting. We're keeping an eye on him and are in touch with the Dr. so we'll continue to monitor his progress. Poor little love is so listless and fed up. The only good thing for him s he gets to eat lots of jelly which he enjoys.


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