Very Wet!

Dean had a good afternoon in CNP although it was cut short by the weather. The rain is here with a vengeance today and the cloud is so low that we can't see the mountains. As we've said previously, as English folk we really can't get excited about the rain even though we desperately need it.

Paula went to CNP on her own this morning and had an excellent time with Dina, which resulted in Dina asking Dean to visit in the afternoon. Paula also saw Lorraine. Lorraine is a classic example of someone living with AIDS. She is incredibly weak and yet she soldier on day by day doing the best for her family with very little support. She is married however so at least she has some physical support and some income. Lorraine was staying with her mother until recently as her daughter was also being cared for by her mother, however now that she is back in CNP with her daughter she appears to be struggling. Paula gave Lorraine some Pro-Nutro to help and arranged for Dean to take her to Hottentots hospital on Tuesday morning.

Dean had a good time with Dina and her family. Dina was very honest with Dean and told him that she had been upset with him. However, Dina's upset was over an issue we hadn't given any thought to. We recently had a medical training session in CNP one Saturday morning and Dean had printed up some leaflets publicising the event. Unfortunately, Dina thought these were personal invitations and she hadn't been given any. Whoops! This shows how easily we can offend folk without realising that we are or meaning to. Anyway, we resolved that issue and then spoke about Michelle's funeral. Dina suggested having a memorial service in the community so we're working on that now. Dean then went to see Michael, who was keen on the idea so they'll meet again on Monday to start arranging details.

Dean hasn't seen Patrick for a week as he's either been asleep when Dean's called in or he's been hiding from the cold. We're really concerned for Patrick as he doesn't appear to be receiving the level of care he needs and his family aren't being very forthcoming about how often his dressing is being changed. We also don't know whether Patrick has been to the clinic since his discharge from hospital and it's vital that he does.

Tomorrow Dean & Joel are doing a 'sponsored Father's Day walk as a fundraiser for Joel's nursery. The forecast is for decent weather so hopefully we'll have fun.

Please pray for the following:

* Dina as she recovers from flu. Pray that she'll soon be able to get stuck back into life in the community. pray also for her grandson Leeton who has a bad case or worms.

* Lorraine as she battles with her illness whilst trying to run a home and care for her daughter. Pray for more physical support for her.

* Patrick as he struggles with his lack of mobility and consequent bedbound'ness' day in day out. This is very humiliating for him and has robbed him of his last bit of dignity.

* Michael as we put together a memorial service for his daughter in the community.


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