Our Week

Here are two photos of ourselves with Julia Downing. Julia and Paula grew up together in the village of Weald in Kent, so they've known each other for over 30 years! The bottom photo was taken 4 years ago when we last met up in Harare, Zimbabwe. The years appear to have been harshest on Dean, but we'll let you make your own minds up. Joel was in bed at the time of the photo. Julia is currently the Director of Training at the Mildmay Centre in Uganda, but was in SA to spend a week working on her PhD.

We've just had a good week, having spent a night away in Franschoek to pray about the future and spend time with God - without the distraction of Joel. This was a really beneficial time and we feel clearer about the future, however we now need to put some meat on the bones and start planning, so we'll tell you more later.

Julia with Dean & Paula 2001 ZimbabweThis week has also been very stressful in terms of Dean's MA as his second submission deadline is the 31st July. Paula probably feels the stress more than Dean but the interruptions to his working schedule have been unavoidable. Also, we have friends coming out on Tuesday for a week, so Dean will have to make some time to hide away and work! Please pray that he will be diligent in this and that he would meet his deadline!!

We're really looking forward to David & Jacquie Ronco's visit. David is the pastor of Hertford Baptist Church. This is the church we were assigned to during our year at All Nations Christian College and our link with HBC was a definite highlight of that year. We feel privileged to have maintained a healthy link with the church and enjoy visiting when we're in the UK.


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