SAA Srike

South African Airways have been on strike for about 3 days now and this has caused the airline to completely cancel all flights. This had a serious impact on Julia as she was flying SAA to Jo'burg to get a connecting flight on to Kenya, but missed the connection because of the strike and has been held up in Jo'burg since Saturday evening as a result. Julia could be stuck there until Wednesday if no seats become available on any other flights. Even if she gets to Nairobi, she still has to fly on to Kampala! Please pray that things would work out for Julia and that she manages to get home to Uganda quickly and smoothly.

Also, David & Jacquie Ronco are supposed to be flying SAA to Cape Town on Monday evening but at the moment that's not likely to happen. David rang tonight to say that they've been offered a flight on Friday, which clearly is not acceptable! David will be trying to get on another airline within the next day, so please pray that they manage to get a flight as quickly as possible.


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