Ups And Downs

Friday was another day of contrast for Paula in Chris Nissen. First she visited Aunty Poppy, a lovely widow and granny, known and loved by everyone in the community. She lost her husband 2 years ago and is still very very lonely. She is a wonderful woman and Paula really enjoyed chatting with her out in the sun on her 'stoop'. The great news is that she will now be free to go to Paula's cell from the end of July. This will greatly help the cell as Aunty Poppy is a keen and mature Christian, with a great command of English.

After this she went on to visit Lorraine who was sadly very weak and frail and unable to do anything in the home. Within a few minutes it was clear that things were not well at home. Lorraine's husband is not coping at all well with her illness and is now drinking heavily every night and saying terrible things to her. Poor Lorraine wept and wept and all Paula and Aunty Jane could do was hug her, cry a bit and then pray for God's peace. Thankfully, little Devidine, her daughter, was sleeping like an angel through all this, but the atmosphere at home must be affecting her. Sadly too, Lorraine's in-law's are now refusing to take Devidine until Lorraine dies because they are not providing enough food and money to them! The shame of poverty persists. Unfortunately, the thought of a good home for her little girl has been keeping Lorraine going. Now she is letting despair reign in her life and to be honest, it is hard to blame her for this. The good news is that the Hospice have accepted our referral and we are now praying that they will step in with some real help and care from next week. Please pray for this. Praise God that Dean was able to 'bump in' to Lorraine's husband in the afternoon when he returned from work and had a little chat with him about the need for him to really stick by her at the moment.

Maria, whom Paula took to hospital a few weeks ago is now back in hospital, we think with a collapsed lung. She really isn't well, so please pray for her too.

The coming week will be a tough one for Paula and Joel as Dean will be in Pretoria from Monday morning through to Sunday afternoon! Please pray for Paula as she has to do so much on her own for that week, pray for strength and grace. Pray for Dean too, he's not overly pleased to be away for a whole week, but it's part of his MA. Dean will also be away for Paula's Birthday, so that'll be her third rubbish Birthday in a row!


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