Today is Women's Day so we're enjoying a public holiday (SA has several more 'Bank Holidays than the UK does!) and the weather has even brightened up a little, with the rain stopping and the wind easing up. It's been great to have an extra day together and Joel has really enjoyed the extra attention. This afternoon we went to the Nature Reserve and met up briefly with some friends, Joel enjoyed playing with Sean.

Paula went in to CNP tonight where a group of 11 ladies had come together to celebrate Women's Day. Two of them had brought a wonderful curry and we really enjoyed that together with the fellowship, all in Dina's house. They had then asked Paula to repeat some teaching she had given at her cell group on the gifts of the Holy Spirit - how about that for a ladies' social!! It went down very well and she could see that many of the women were so hungry for this kind of knowledge. Lots to build on for the future. It was also really encouraging for Paula to see Anna there. She has been praying for her on Fridays for the past 6 weeks now and she has really been very weak. She has apparently become a Christian and wants to come to her cell group! Please pray for her continuing good health and that Paula would be able to find more practical help to be able to help Anna and others like her to get the right food to eat healthily everyday.

As you can see in the picture above, we gave Joel a 'bubble machine' which he was given by David & Jacqueline whilst they were with us. Once he'd got the hang of it he had a lot of fun making bubbles.


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