Clinic Visit

Dean took Basil to Ikhwezi clinic in Nomzamo yesterday morning as Basil has been in a lot of pain for the last few weeks with some large growths on his chest and back. Basil was diagnosed as being asthmatic, suspected diabetic(he has to go back in a month for further checks) and as for the lumps Dean couldn't really ascertain what they were!

Dean & Basil arrived at the clinic at 7.30am and Basil eventually returned home at 2pm! When they arrived there was already a queue of over 100 people, so it really is no surprise that the folk from CNP don't want to go to this clinic and would rather travel into Somerset West.

Mary & Basil are a well respected couple in the community with Basil being the chairman of the community 'Buurwacht" or neighbourhood watch.


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